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Why doesn't the media address the continuing crisis of females raping helpless males? Every year tens of thousands of men are raped by sex crazed women predators. I have no data to prove this claim but it sounds good. Can I get a job at Rolling Stone?
The Emperor Obama is just following Don Vito Corleone's advice: Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. The Emperor Obama will "reach out" to Iran, North Korea, ISIS, The Taliban, Al Qaeda and Rush Limbaugh. The Emperor Obama is behaving like the spoiled brat that we knew he was six years ago.
The Emperor Obama has again shown his imperial strength. Congress? The Emperor Obama doesn't need no stinking Congress. Is giving Alaska back to Russia next on The Emperor Obama's to do list?
Somewhere Hillary Clinton is having her inaugural speech written. Somewhere Bill Clinton is interviewing interns. Somewhere Chelsea Clinton is planning her own campaign for 2024.
In less than 24 hours the Pakistanis were able to find, identify and bomb the villages where the perpetrators of this atrocity lived. I wonder if the Pakistanis already had intelligence about the Taliban and their whereabouts but did nothing? Sounds like the "don't poke a wasp nest and maybe they will leave us alone" strategy. Clearly, that doesn't work well when dealing with the Taliban. Last question: What is the United States' strategy when both Afghanistan and Pakistan are controlled by the Taliban and Iraq and Syria are controlled by ISIS and/ or Al- Qaeda?
Somewhere Hillary Clinton is writing her inaugural speech.
So does this mean Sheikh Haron gets his 72 virgins? And a set of ginsu steak knives?
Golly, I hope they took the time to read the "alleged suspect" his rights.
There is no drug more intoxicating and addictive than telling other people what they must do and must not do, AND spending other peoples' money on things you want to do. That is why we have our elected representatives "serving" in congress for decades. The only thing they serve is themselves while pretending to represent us. We should replace "In God We Trust" on our currency with "Hello, Stupid Voters"
Greenpeace has never been very green or peaceful. Now they have branched out into graffiti and vandalism. An apology is not nearly enough. Vigorous prosecution of all concerned is in order. Maybe the CIA could loan Peru our old, unused water boards?
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