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Colin Powell Pulls the Race Card, Again

Incredulous2 Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 7:46 AM
Seems there's no "core" to Colin. Another sad example of the hollow man syndrome. The military gave structure and meaning to his life, a sense of duty, honor, purpose and dedication to something much bigger than self. Now, he's simply flailing about in life; directionless, meaningless, without real purpose. Therefore, in order to make an attempt at relevance, he falls back on his color, cuz' that's always gonna have relevance in the Dem/Prog/Lib cabal members world. Nice job there Colin, in honoring Dr. King's beautiful dream. (NOT)

Last night on the O'Reilly Factor, former Secretary of State Colin Powell again accused the Republican party of racism, saying calling President Obama lazy is code language despite Obama referring to himself as lazy. Powell's comments come two weeks after he said the GOP had a "dark vein of intolerance" on NBC's Meet the Press.