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america, your reply is stupid. Do you think you are better than Ohio? They are fighting in the minority and not going up, you are obv sitting in a majority and feeling smug. Ohio is a state ruined by unions and entitlements - yet still a battleground state. That speaks strongly of those fighting for liberty like OhioC. america why is your state 40+% leftist? What are you doing other than being smug.
So you cannot define what conservative means either. Go figure.
"F" for comprehension - the article is how the GOP needs to stop attacking conservatives. But poor Kurt does not know what a conservative is, so it's tricky to comprehend his message - so maybe you get a "D-"
What is the American Dream? - Home Ownership (not really ownership since the bank owns it) - A negative net worth? - A positive net worth, completing invested in a faux dollar and pretend business ownership (stocks)?
Great run of excuses. Obama is a laughing stock.
Conservative doesn't mean anything. 1) What is conservative on education - higher standard? moral teaching? the pledge of allegiance? 2) What is conservative on business? - Lower business taxes? Credits for research and development? 3) What is conservative for Energy? - Govt land open for drilling? Tax credits for oil exploration? Waver of regulation for fracking? 4) What is conservative for Health Care? - Medical Savings accounts? Require states to open up to their insurance markets to other states? 5) What is Conservative on the Economy? High growth programs? Lower interest rates? Managing the money supply? What is conservative for Agriculture? Military? Trade agreements? Immigration? Conservatives are just people that want a pat on the head for being the stand up good boy/girl, but they have no clue from decade to decade whether they stand for Democracy or Freedom or whether they stand for intervention or not. You can't have a party dedicated to conservatism because it has no basis (other than what Rush says on his show today).
Conservatives need to stop attacking the tea party.
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The Israeli Solution

InBlack Wrote: Feb 25, 2014 9:37 PM
Who Cares?
NOT THEIR JOB?!?!?!? It is against the highest law of the land - the constitution and the very 1st amendment in the bill of rights. Where is that coward Chief Justice Roberts? The left in the US have no morals and have detached themselves from western civilization. With no morals the ends can justify the means and that means anything goes. They also have rejected logic and reason and are therefore the embodiment of chaos.
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Survey: How Libertarians Fit In the GOP

InBlack Wrote: Dec 31, 2013 3:23 PM
Yeah same with speech and freedom to go where you want to. It's just easier if we don't have to put up with messy opinions and freedoms. One law, one rule, one opinion.
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