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Let's get a few things straight. 1) Macro Economics is flawed and based upon a flawed premise. 2) The FED and any manipulation of the currency is the MOST broad-based centralized planning scheme with all the unintended consequences, cronyism and deftness of a sledge hammer and sickle. 3) If you think the measure of a strong economy is consistent GDP growth, you would fail just as famously and disastrously as most of our presidents - you would be no better at improving the economy than you would be at curing cancer with leaches.
Not your idiot economics classes I hope. Inflation is not "good" for the economy and forced inflation manipulates the currency and steals from those on fixed incomes and punishes people who save or make loans.
Obama needs another Nobel Prize
Palestine is dead. I think the Israeli's have remembered how to reproduce and as long as they can populate Jerusalem only an army will remove them. No one cares about "the Palestinians" they have over played their sympathy card.
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Maya Angelou Dead at 86

InBlack Wrote: May 28, 2014 6:46 PM
(blank stare)
Yeah - I noticed that as well. Benghazi and now the IRS. Next Eric Holder!!
Wrong. This is an abuse of power case, not a profiling case. The govt is using the IRS to target political enemies, it doesn't matter whether some of them are guilty or innocent. It is a misuse of the public's govt for the politicians' personal gain. Since the DOJ and IRS are corrupt, how can anyone be innocent until proven guilty? But in your proposal, they are guilty until they prove their own innocence???
Seriously no one cares what republicans or democrats did before they were born. Today... The dems promise benefits for the poor and special treatment for blacks and that gets votes. Dems have no problems lying about republicans - calling them racists - so that helps as well.
Ron Paul was leaving the Republican party for the right reason. Big govt anti-liberty sellouts have damaged the party and frankly people like Ron and Rand Paul have probably brought the party back from the brink of failure. Probably.
america, your reply is stupid. Do you think you are better than Ohio? They are fighting in the minority and not going up, you are obv sitting in a majority and feeling smug. Ohio is a state ruined by unions and entitlements - yet still a battleground state. That speaks strongly of those fighting for liberty like OhioC. america why is your state 40+% leftist? What are you doing other than being smug.
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