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Attack on American Sovereignty

InaudibleNoise Wrote: May 28, 2012 9:44 AM
Just like Lugar, Bob Corker needs to go. Corker is a RINO who voted for TARP, New START, NDAA, debt ceiling increase after increase and confirmed anti-2nd Amendment judge Jessie Furman. Conservatives in Tennessee and around the nation need to rally behind ZACH POSKEVICH, a US Army Veteran and staunch conservative who will uphold the US Constitution. It's time for We The People to stand up and take our power back! Bob Corker being sent home to Chattanooga will send shock waves throughout the Congressional RINO population and let them know we aren't sitting back while they destroy this great nation!

Any way you slice it, the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) threatens American sovereignty. So why would the Senate even consider ratifying it?

Treaty proponents such as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, D-Mass., claim the treaty would give the United States important new rights and advantages. But, as Heritage Foundation expert Kim Holmes, a former Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, observed last year, LOST offers the U.S. nothing we’re not already entitled to under customary international law.

“Treaty supporters claim ratification will give the U.S. additional rights to oil, gas and...