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Police Complete Investigation of NBC's David Gregory Illegal Magazine Possession

InAmericaSince1627 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 10:22 AM
Life is interesting. Sometimes you make a BIG mistake and nothing really comes of it. Other times you make a tiny screwup and you pay BIG TIME. Guess what Gregory the Stupid needs to get? Anything less than the whole book would be a complete mis-carriage of justice.
getthelibsout Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 10:26 AM
if la pierre had produced the magazine on t.v., cops would have raided the studio

The investigation into NBC Meet the Press host David Gregory has been completed by Washington D.C. police and has been turned over to the attorney general's office, who will decided whether to prosecute the case. As a refresher, three weeks ago Gregory interviewed NRA President Wayne LaPierre from the Meet the Press studio in Washington D.C. During the interview, Gregory held up a 30-round ammunition magazine while making a case for limits on magazine capacity. The simple possession of a 30-round ammunition magazine in Washington D.C. is illegal.

In an e-mail, a spokeswoman for D.C. Police...