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Was Never Needed.
The way you put that Lars, why... I'm almost ashamed of myself...
I simply cannot write what my father would have to say about this. He quit trusting the government when agents shot his fathers cows after paying for them under the WPA back in the late 30's.
Angela Davis Jr......Good comparison..
Her comments would matter, I suppose, if I gave a rats backside about what she thinks...
I agree with Henry. I was there and saw it happen.
Cheap talk.... and he ain't no charter member of the "Round Earth Society" either.
You know NW, I haven't heard that name in months and was feeling pretty good. Now you had to go and ruin afternoon. :) But I'll forgive you.
26% of Obummer voters are just lower IQs than the rest. They are like the greeting cards you can buy and speak into then it repeats what you said when opened.
This woman is completely out of touch with reality. Not even in the same zip code.... If she were the Captian of a ship her crew would have to relieve her of duty.
" The time has come, the Walrus said, to speak of other things"... Now you know what she was talking about.
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