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Folsom Prison is in Folsom, Ca. A bit west of Placerville or Lake Tahoe on highway 50.
Her leaving DHS is NO LOSS...and CA will hardly notice another flaming Lib in its school system.
So if my neighbor, who I don't get along with, decides to ID my house and someone who wants to steal a gun decides to try my place when I'm not home. Do I get to file suit against the neighbor?
Jay Carney will be long remembered as the "Supreme purveyor of useless platitudes". Just as his boss will be remembered for his endless supply of untruths.
If there is any "Ignorance" involved with it. It came from those who wrote it. Defund, Repeal and Impeach...
Henry, If they were going to give the Bay area an enema, the hose would go into Berkley.
That covers it Mike. I here and she is not the only one who blathers these things.
Is it too late to abort Barbara Boxershorts? Ca. needs representation not Liberal coercion mixed with elitest ideology.
You have company... This law should have starved from the beginning. The House could simply say NO. And I gave up on Beck two years ago.
You simply cannot fix stupid. And Obammer is as stupid as it gets...
Was Never Needed.
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