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Sebelius reminds me of an arrogant elitist, drunk on new found power. She and OcrapCare need to go away…
Excuse me Holder. That trial proves we need accountability in your department. Criminal activity, such as yours, needs to be exposed and dealt with. Oh yes...I'll keep my guns as a defense against the likes of you.
Add average income and education to the mix for big cities. It's your only chance to make a point.
Men? These are not men. They are irresponsible boys with consideration for themselves alone. And females with "alley cat morals", who plays along with them, deserves the mess they create. Put the child up for adoption and DO NOT stick taxpayers for the bill regardless of your choice.
More MSNBC hosts and contributors must die before we understand stupidity.
Al Sharpton, if verbal sewage were gold he'd be a very rich man.
No...But it will not change until their likes are history...
The Congressional Black Caucus, Sharpton and Jackson hate you.
The KKK is alive and well. You might think I'm harsh but we will never learn to treat each other equally, if we learn NOT to in school.
Folsom Prison is in Folsom, Ca. A bit west of Placerville or Lake Tahoe on highway 50.
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