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Kicking the Can Over the Fiscal Cliff

iname Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 3:45 PM
Right Wingnuts Who Predicted Doom for America Now Saying ‘We Can Survive 4 More Years of Obama’ Taking a look around the wingnut blogosphere today, we find the partisan parrots all telling each other not to give in to despair, that America will — somehow — survive another four years of Barack Obama. Strange, isn’t it, that only a few days ago the very same people were absolutely convinced that the re-election of Obama would lead to the total destruction of the US?
Pistol Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 4:27 PM
The re-election of Barry will be more of the same. in 2012 we had fewer Americans in 40 hour week jobs than 2008, more on foodstamps, more below the poverty line, record foreclosures, lower net worth and lower net income. I see no reason to believe these trends will not continue through 2016. Is this total destruction? Depends on what your definition of destruction is.
iname Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 3:45 PM
Not unusual to once again find the GOP in denial. Instead of thinking in terms of policy they're thinking in terms of messaging. This is a continuation of the complete lack of respect the GOP has for the American public. Re-package antiquated ideas and the public will come to you. That's not how it works. The GOP simply lost because it was a rejection of their policy. Have they forgotten the far-right association that the Romney camp established? Embracing Ted Nugent and having a VP candidate who worked alongside Mr. Legitimate Rape?
Kibitzer Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 4:16 PM
So how is it then that the republicans retained control of the house of representatives when all members were up for re-election?

The election wasn't over for 48 hours before both sides started laying down their opening bids on dealing with what has become known as the "fiscal cliff."

At its core, the "fiscal cliff" (and I'm going to stop putting it within quotes from here on) is the result of the Congress and the President (to use another phrase I wish I could excise from the political lexicon) "kicking the can down the road."

Unwilling and/or unable to come to agreements on a number of issues, both sides have continued to offer really tough-sounding, but temporary solutions, which have...