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None of it will matter in 12-15 months when all gun dealers and outlets for ammo are forced out of business by the FDIC threatening banks for doing business with those "high risk" businesses. See, if the banks continue offering checking accounts, loans and credit card transaction processing the FDIC will need to come in and conduct a wide ranging audit of the bank. Guess what will happen? The power of the pen and phone is once again lawlessly demonstrated by the Obama regime.
At least they didn't ask for anyone's individual name in the process...wait, what!?! They did?! Boy, that and the Dem Senator's request sure might have the affect of chilling a person's willingness to speak out politically (unless, of course, they want to praise the current regime and progressives in general).
My sister had an abortion in 1967 and she still thinks about "what if" even today. Sad.
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Obamacare Changes in One Infographic

in_awe Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 3:20 PM
"Settled Law", "Law of the Land" heh
As a long term resident in Southern California I can attest to the dream realized of a "nation within a nation and a cultural apart" for advocates of a Hispanic enclave in America. There seems to be less interest among large numbers of Hispanic immigrants in assimilating than in expecting (demanding) that Americans accommodate their language and culture. In Los Angeles the former mayor famously held news conference in English then Spanish. Nearly nightly on the news a reporter must use a translator to pass along the words of someone who after 20 or 30 years living in the US cannot speak English. There are large Spanish speaking ghettos where one can live quite satisfactorily without needing to speak a word of English. Local and state politicians are activists when it comes to sponsoring laws or regulations that specifically benefit immigrants - especially illegal ones. We have "sanctuary cities" where police are forbidden to follow federal law when it comes to illegals and politicians welcome illegals with open arms. Anyone who protests these actions is attacked for being xenophobic. The second largest source of income for Mexico is foreign payments from Mexican citizens living in the US. Those dollars that in past decades were earned by American citizens and spent locally now disappear immediately from our economy and reappear in the Mexican economy. The strategy employed by advocates of "diversity" usually comes down to a desire for open borders, a tolerance for lawlessness by favored groups, and a disparagement of traditional American values they reject as hateful or "intolerant". A pox upon their houses.
Thank you for explaining this. As I saw the report being "analyzed" by a "chief economics correspondent" on the CBS Evening News your exact thought crossed my mind: "I knew immediately upon seeing the labor force participation rate creep up (from 62.8 percent to 63 percent), while unemployment crept down (from 6.7 percent to 6.6 percent) that there was a BIG revision somewhere to the jobs numbers." I kept waiting for the explanation of how that bit of legerdemain was accomplished on a miserly 133,000 new jobs. But the correspondent skipped that and went directly to cheerleading along with Scott Pelly for the great recovery we are experiencing. Sheesh.
Let's see, recent research shows this egregious income inequality: Avg. Federal Worker pay = $74,436 + benefits of $40,000 = $114,430 Avg private sector worker pay = $59,800 + benefits of $28,000 = $87,804 I propose that Obama do his famous Executive Order magic to resolve this income inequality and dock the pay of his Federal minions and redistribute it to private sectors workers - from whom it was taken from in the first place - make everyone equal. He can do that right? http://blurbrain.com/democrats-unconcerned-inequality-government-private-sector-workers/
Each Dem on the panel started their questioning of Adm Mullin and Amb Pickering with the same trite, prescripted BS that "they were interested in 'making sure such a thing couldn't happen again"...and the Repubs were thwarting that by not passing a budget(!!!) and providing more money - not so interested in getting to the bottom of why the Benghazi facility and the Americans stationed there were positioned without adequate security despite the serious violence around them.
Face it, on this and every other scandal of the Obama administration, Holder will work mightily to just run out the clock. And with the aid of fellow Dems and the media (but I repeat myself) will succeed in frustrating all attempts to reveal what really happened.
Woodrow Wilson, of course, was noteworthy because he was an avowed Progressive and had a strong willed woman running things behind the scenes for him (like Valerie Jerrett for Obama). Oh yeah - he also imprisoned hundreds of Americans on charges of sedition or espionage for opposing his actions. He brooked no opposition. Speech felt to be critical of the U.S. or the military was prohibited. Severe penalties were imposed on those convicted of “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” against the government, its actions, or its symbols (i.e., the flag). Under this law, any criticism of the government, even in one’s own home, could result in a prison sentence. Hundreds were arrested for speaking out against the government and the war under the provisions of the Espionage Act or the Sedition Act The post office intercepted mail that was suspected of hindering the war effort. Print publications that the Wilson administration said violated the law were “deprived of mailing privilege.” Journalists were jailed, and newsprint could be rationed for “unacceptable” publications. Wow! A man ahead of his time. Wilson and Obama - brothers with different mothers.
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