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Just look at any number of Christians in America who have taken lives because of their religious beliefs - while crying about being 'pro-life' (read: anti-choice) ------------------------------------------------------------- But you assume that the relationship between Christianity and the few acts of depravity of which you speak is causal in nature. This is a fairly profound leap of logic. Keep in mind an atheist shot up a non-denominational church here in Denver back in 2007, an incident that would've been much worse but for an alert and armed civilian.
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Krauthammer 1, White House 0

ImTooSexyForTheTrolls Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 12:11 PM
How desperate the right is to bring this silly non-story again to the forefront! Not that the whole issue hasn't been already whined about, and soundly rebuked by the Brits who aren't crazy wingnut appeasers, but even with TWO busts of Churchill running about, it's still a pretty stupid way to spend your time, Spunky. ----------------------------------------------------------- This from the same crowd who deemed it nation headlines worthy when Mitt Romney questioned the security preparedness of the London Olympics. The guy isn't even in office and you twits cried he had damaged our relations with Great Britain on a fundamental level. Good lord you morons are hypocritical. I think both stories are insignificant at best.
Plain is a moron...Cheney is evil, but not stupid. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Far be it from me to be a spelling Nazi but if you're going to call somebody a moron, spell their name correctly.
Feel that tingle up your leg when you write that? That's dopamine at work in your brain. ------------------------------------------------------------ Dopamine? Where did you hear this tidbit of information? Are you seriously sitting there asserting that only dogmatic conservativism produces a chemical reaction the brain and leftist ideology doesn't?
Meh. We won two Stanley Cups, one of which was at the expense of Chris Draper's face and ushered in the age of Joe Sakic. I hate the Wings but watching Yzerman & Sakic cross swords for 10 years was fun.
Reverse racism claims are the new racism." - Bill Maher -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reverse racism by definition does not exist. Anyone who claims it does is an idiot. Anyone who claims whites cannot be victims of racism is twice the idiot. Anyone who quotes Bill Maher to bolster their argument is three times the idiot. By my calculations, Allison is an exponentially higher degree of idiot than anyone I've ever been in contact with.
HEY NOW, DO NOT EVEN trash my Red Wings. It's not they're fault they're better than the (EWWWW) AV's. ----------------------------------------------------- Two words...Claude Lemieux.
U of M and Hastings Law...top that. -------------------------------------------------- Hastings? Really? *snicker* That was funny. I'm now cowering in fear.
You're a bigot because of what you hate. You're paranoid and hate anything that doesn't scream America is the best, America is the best! -------------------------------------------------------- Things I hate... Broccoli, cauliflower, the designated hitter, the Oakland Raiders, Detroit Red Wings, the movie Avatar, Glee, Coldplay, Oasis, REM, death metal, soap operas, Radiohead, zero degree weather, foam core skis, any Yugo, and this kid I knew in 4th grade. I'm such a bigot!
When any of you have the education I have, you'll be qualified to have an opinion. In the meantime, enjoy your government cheese and wallow in your fear. ----------------------------------------------------------- Graduated summa for under grad and went to law school. What's your resume look like? *this should be interesting...bet it's a liberal arts graduate degree*
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