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I think that Katie misspelled the word "columnist"...
BLASPHEMY!!!!! Everyone know that in a Totalita...er, Socialis...um, Progressive Democrat nation such as this that all in this country - here legally or otherwise - should be making the same wages no matter what their position in life! Its only fair. (snarky sarcasm off)
Fauxchahontas is like Uncle Joe - the gift that keeps on giving... Think she'll wear a headdress at the swearing in ceremony on the Capitol steps???
Oh, who didn't see this coming???? This influx of future democrat voters will ensure the marginalization of the republican party for generations to come. The unusual element to this is that the republicans are facilitating their own demise as a counterbalance to the democrats. For the short term gains they will receive (despite that 99.9% of these illegal aliens will vote for the democrat party - the .01% are terrorists coming across our "borders") the republicans will go they way of the libertarian party and not become a viable factor in any federal race in the foreseeable future. Bleak as this may be, IF the republicans retain solid control of the House, IF they gain solid control of the Senate and IF they grow spines, close the "borders" (we are a Nation at war, after all) and send the illegals back to their native countries, we may stand a chance. Personally, I think the republicans collectively need a shot of testosterone to get this done.
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How Hamas Blew It

Imiss40 Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 8:47 PM
HAMAS may have "blown it" but that won't stop them. They only understand death and destruction. Sadly, they - and the more fringe groups mentioned in the article - have to be eliminated in order for peace to come to Gaza.
Abortion Barbie, Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid (That Evil Little Man From Nevada), Chuck Schumer, Impeached President Clinton and Shrillery, Emperor Downgrade and Michelle Antoinette have all been caught in preposterous lies. They are not ashamed in the least, for to them it is a badge of honor to get away with as much as possible in order to further their agenda.
That "Recovery Summer" didn't quite turn out the way they expected either...
Or Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson...
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