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A Vote for Election Day

IMCN-Red Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 11:29 AM
I could have voted against Obama a couple years ago. It is with Presidents like him that I wish we could have a vote of no confidence and dump an obvious mistake. He would have been tossed out in the 2010 election with so many other democrats. But the constant, unrelenting campaigning that would ensue is even more objectionable than the current situation.

I suspect most voters watching Monday night's debate found it pretty boring. President Obama wanted to force Mitt Romney into saying something stupid. Romney didn't take the bait. So pretty much nothing changed the dynamics of the race.

But what if something did? What if Obama announced in a fit of pique that "America doesn't deserve a president as awesome as me"? Or what if Romney pulled open a panel in his chest revealing that he is, in fact, an android? And he was made in China!

Or the game-changer could have been something more plausible. The point is, what if...