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The Youth on Abortion

imbzystitchin Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 2:00 PM
Roe v Wade did not win the right to an abortion. It was won on the basis of the right to privacy concerning that abortion. Are you aware that Roe of Roe v Wade is a staunch supporter of the Pro-Life side of the argument, and that she feels used and abused by the Pro-Choice (which if you give it some thought really doesn't amount to choice) side of the argument.
Perhaps the thing to do is to look at the research from countries that have allowed same sex marriage. It has not helped to improve their society. Why don't we try to learn from others actions instead of thinking we can do it better. People are people, regardless of nationality, we will have the same problems. And let's stop equating sexual orientation with race and gender. Sex is always a choice, race and gender are not.
Your comment shows you missed the point of the piece. Society has lost the value of respect and courtesy. People do not seem to see the value in respecting others and treating them as they would like to be treated. If everyone did this there would not be the mass shootings or the kidnapping of little 5 year old, or human trafficking, etc. We must value and respect life and others. Obama is dangerous because he does neither.
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