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Why Are You Opposed To Ending Violence?

imbranato2 Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 3:05 PM
I think I see what you're saying, even though my initial response is "WTF?!". Of course banning guns isn't the answer. Of course we didn't need armed guards in schools when we were children. Of course we had weirdos and people with problems in school, but they never took guns to school and killed dozens of people. Banning anything, words or guns, is not going to work. I am against armed guards at schools. I think that (somewhat) sympathetic media coverage of the Oregon shooting had more than a little to do with the recent shootings and averted shootings. I think that ultra real first person shooter games have an effect on SOME people. People are more entrenched in a cyberworld and detached from human interactions noways has an
Jay Wye Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 5:26 PM
We can't afford paying armed guards or police and metal detectors at every school entrance in the nation,BUT,allowing armed school employees who have carry permits costs nothing,and puts armed GOOD people right where they would be needed all the time the school is open,close to the children that need protecting.
It's a PROVEN-to-work method.(Israel does it,and it works there,against real terrorists.)
Jay Wye Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 5:26 PM
Having armed teachers (and other school employees)is like having plainclothes police scattered all around the school,at no cost. it's the smart thing to do.
it's also a DETERRENT,because these mass murderers SEEK OUT "gun-free zones" such as schools. If it's known that schools have armed people on site,the murderers will avoid them,as the Aurora murderer did;he bypassed theaters closer to him for the one that was "gun-free".
imbranato2 Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 3:06 PM

I think your underlying message is "don't ban guns". And you are offering an alternative, but I think there are other alternatives too.

There’s an epidemic in this country, something that has or will affect all of us in our lives. And the government needs to act to protect us from those who may do us harm. This plague is particularly felt in schools. The children must be made safe.

President Obama, bravely speaking out against this horror, said, “We have an obligation to ensure that our schools are safe for all our kids.” Amen, Mr. President. Amen.

The best course of action to protect as many of our citizens, particularly children, as possible is to place sensible restrictions on...

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