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effect. I think your underlying message is "don't ban guns". And you are offering an alternative, but I think there are other alternatives too.
I think I see what you're saying, even though my initial response is "WTF?!". Of course banning guns isn't the answer. Of course we didn't need armed guards in schools when we were children. Of course we had weirdos and people with problems in school, but they never took guns to school and killed dozens of people. Banning anything, words or guns, is not going to work. I am against armed guards at schools. I think that (somewhat) sympathetic media coverage of the Oregon shooting had more than a little to do with the recent shootings and averted shootings. I think that ultra real first person shooter games have an effect on SOME people. People are more entrenched in a cyberworld and detached from human interactions noways has an
By the way, if you don't live here (Chicago) the term "Chicago Politics" may not have as much meaning to you. Just look up the wikipedia article for Governor of Illinois and you will see that text regarding scandal covers fully 50% of the text. Don't forget that Rod Blagojevich is from here. Further scandals includes Gov. George Ryan, racketeering; bribery in the mayors office. And, oh yeah, certain unnameable politicians with ties to terrorist Bill Ayers.
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Unforced Errors

imbranato2 Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 1:28 AM
Rich, I think you left off one of the most important unforced errors of the left. That is, latching on to the "War on Women" theme. While it isn't surprising that the far left would pound that drum after Todd Akin's misstep earlier this year, it is surprising that this silliness was such a major part of the DNC. This is such a reflexive move by the other side with no basis in reality that I'm left wondering if that's all they have got. Really Dem's?, do you even listen to yourselves anymore?
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