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Romney and His Faith

ILuvSnoopy Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 12:52 PM
Over the years I have had the opportunity to befriend Mormons. While I don't agree with their Christology (beliefs about Jesus which differ from Christian orthodoxy), I have yet to meet a Mormon whose life did not make me examine my own to see if my witness was as exemplary. I know no religion has a corner on the market of virtue, but I have yet to meet a Mormon family which did not impress me by their dedication to family and teaching good character to their children.

WASHINGTON -- Concerning Mormons and Republicans, history offers a large helping of irony. In 1843, an Army officer named John C. Fremont led a geographical expedition of 39 men more than 1,700 miles to the shores of the Great Salt Lake. His report on the journey inspired hounded Mormons to mount their wagons and resettle in the Great Basin.

Thirteen years later in Philadelphia, Fremont became the first presidential nominee of the Republican Party, which adopted a platform opposing the "twin relics of barbarism -- Polygamy, and Slavery." The slogan, and the anti-Mormon sentiment behind it, caught on. A...