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More Religious Division, from Obama Campaign

ILuvDisLand Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 12:26 AM
Just saw 2016 Obama's America the movie and realize that he is ALL about division. The movie is very important for showing people just who this guy really is. We Cannot afford another term of him and his administration. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE, it's an education that needs to be taught to as many as possible, Spread the Word
Late last week, I pointed out the strange new interest in Mormonism coming from the MSM, and the fact that Obama campaign supporters weren't above trying to use religious bigotry to win.

Now, it appears the Obama campaign itself is openly in on the action. In response to a Romney tweet commemorating the death of Neil Armstrong, an Obama for America coordinator tweeted what can only be construed as an anti-Mormon remark.

As I have noted before,...