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Conservative Victories of 2012

ILuvDisLand Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 11:24 PM
This country is becoming more unrecognizable daily. Fiscal cliff, what about moral cliff, what about intelligence cliff, racial cliff, insanity cliff, selfish cliff, division cliff, unpatriotic cliff, gender confusion cliff, need I go on??? This country is lost to the current generations who have removed God from American life and this is what replaced HIM. Surprised? I just got blocked on Facebook for trying to respond to a post by FreedomWorks!!! sensorship is here courtesy the transparent,hee hee, POTUS
After the November 6th dust settled, it appeared very little had changed. The election appeared to maintain the status quo, with President Obama, Senate Democrats, and a conservative GOP House majority all holding their positions. Yet out in the states we saw a year of broad-based victories for economic freedom that demonstrate anew that all is not lost. In fact, we are winning with the American people in many respects.

This year, parents have more freedom to make the best decisions about where their children can go to school. Despite fierce opposition from teacher unions, school choice saw important...