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Amazing that "Celebs" can post and opine on issues without knowing all the facts of it. HobbyLobby is not denying all contraceptives from their female employees, just the ones that are abortion-inducing. My biggest issue with the entire anti-conservative climate in this country is that Conservatives are not strongly vocal about the facts that support their values-based position on the issues. WHY?
Obama's 50/50 white/black gets him the title "first black president" but Zimmerman's 50/50 Hispanic/white gets him labeled white Where's the common sense in this To blacks the law was good when OJ was acquitted, but the same law is bad when Zimmerman is found not guilty Where's the common sense in this
so sad to see that a man of God??? stoops to such a level to get his 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight. shows that the devil is ever present and busy. that pastor is speaking such ignorant drivel. I am black and a conservative and a Christian and he makes me ashamed for him
Dyson and Sharpton and the lot will not put their endorsement on any positive debate, they just want photo-opps and a microphone to spew their divisive garbage to the masses who want to continue to believe they are victims of the "white man" so they can relinquish themselves from responsibility for their miserable lot. Once those "spokesmen" continue there will always be racism in this country because they do not want it to stop or they will be out of power and $$$
MSNBC is the home of irrationality, and MEDyson spews and rants like the rest of the personalities on that network. Sad to see the denigrating use he puts his academic prowess to.
good comments and perspective. Common sense in this issue seemed to have eluded the masses. Your comments were sensible.
absolutely on point, you have obviously been paying attention too bad most of our fellow Americans have not been. This admin got REELECTED for pete's sake. I would not have believed it had I not witnessed it myself. What's your prognosis, sir, since you are obviously a thinker.
Now those crazy left-leaning policy / lawmakers are trying to sway the society to accepting self-inflicted death shots (suicide??) which is against Christian principles.
so unAmerican is this man and hateful of conservatives that he chose to sell to the foreigners instead of Glenn Beck. He should be publicly humiliated and ridiculed by all America-loving Americans.
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