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So his point is that the US Foreign Policy undermines America. It has unintended consequences which, as we all know, is a sure sign of being a liberal/progressive idea.
"My health care costs have gone down." Stupid Mick is in a union. Union members and rich people will have it made. That's why they love Obamacare so much - they won't have to be stuck in it.
Meanwhile, Asians, Muslems and Messicans are laughing at whites and blacks...
The Patriot Act The TSA and their gropings Obamacare
"Good idea; keep it up. Then you will lose even more in the future. What "personal freedoms" have you have lost, by the way? I would appreciate it if you could specifically identify a couple (and, oh, remember having your taxes being used in ways you don't approve does not constitute an abridgement of your "freedoms"). I'm waiting....." Here are laws, regulations etc that limit freedom from the past 100 years: Fishing license Hunting license Building codes Zoning ordinances Seat Belt Laws 16th Amendment Government Housing The current tax code - we are no longer equal before the Law Pretty much all the Federal Depts which pick winners and losers by restricting the free market The New Deal The Great Society The War on Drugs
"Vote open border, weak military, abortion and drug loving dopers into Congress?" Well Tinsldr - your next candidate whom you WILL vote for (because you're Loyal) WILL be open borders (why change now, eh?) pro-abortion, and will realize that Defense spending and military spending are quite different (even if you don't). As for the War on Drugs - all you're doing is enriching Drug dealers here and in Mexico and Afghanistan etc, the cops, and the politicians. Oh, and you're LOSING that war too. Good luck.
Don't let reality get you down, Loyalists. You can always start voting Libertarians into Congress. Once they control the House a lot of this nonsense will stop. Hopefully, without all the laws limiting your personal freedoms, you'll still be able to control yourselves. You will money back in your pocket and DC will come begging the states as it should be.
Par4 - somehow the Repubs would take the blame for it hahaha
Lindsay Capote Graham? Oh wait, you said "openly"...
Lois- I've implored you smart liberals to stop it with the welfare!
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