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The Nays Have it … Oh, Never Mind

IloveHashem Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 12:42 AM
As King David said if I forget you oh Jerusalem let my right hand forget its cunning. Jews pray 3 times daily for the city of Jerusalem. The Democrats may have erased G-d from their platform but most Americans still believe that we are endowed by our creator with rights not a platform and not big government.
By now you certainly know that the Democrats have been suffering from a self-inflicted injury since their convention began in Charlotte on Tuesday. For the first time in many presidential election years, the word God was omitted from their platform. The platform also failed to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Both of these breaks from Democrat Party tradition were reportedly ordered by Obama.

Then … another self-inflicted injury. According to reports, Obama ordered that God and Jerusalem be put back into the platform. That should be easy enough … just introduce an amendment and have the convention...