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As a resident of Chicago; the police force is overwhelmed by the high number of crimes that occur every week. The gangs and criminals get their guns and knives, through illegal means and no laws keep criminal from killing. This last shooter, broke five laws before he entered the school. All previous shooters, Aurora, CO, Oregon shooter, Timothy McVeigh, etc. all broke laws prior to killing their victims. Only law abiding citizens obey the laws and become victims of the criminals. Until we solve the problem of evil and hate that these people have, will these crimes stop; or an armed citizen willing to protect us and themselves.
We will all find out how delusional you are about the "good transformation" you think you are getting :) If you would like a peek at what is in store for all of the U.S.; just look at how wonderful life has been for the south side of Chicago poor neighborhoods since Obama worked as a litigation lawyer for slumlord landlords so they could avoid to pay up and improv e conditions for their tenents. Look at how far in debt the whole state of Illinois
Priorities that are misguided and in time women may realize they traded their economic freedom for continued dependency on a bankrupt government their children will have to pay for with higher taxes; if they have children they do not abort first. Sad future for those of us and our children, who had the foresight to see fiscal cliff and national debt destroying our economic futures.
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Barack Obama, Bully

IllinoisVoter Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 5:29 PM
@bmccaslin @gobnait2: completely agree. Obama chooses to let Axelrod and Cutter do the offense for him. When Obama is at a rally with his lemmings he cowardly trashes his opponents; but he can not do a face to face debate with his lack of a record and no accomplishments. The next Foreign Policy debate will be a litigation about Bengazi terrorist attacks and Obama's lack of leadership to provide security for our Ambassador Stevens and staff.
As Bay Buchanan said; "Joe whose side are you on!" Joe has really shifted his ideology. Joe has been brainwashed by Mika and her socialist father.
Oh you mean that horrible record of "only 4% unemployment, a balanced budget with a surplus, one of the highest high school graduations in the nation?" Oh horrors, how could we survive Mitt Romney's governance because MA suffered under his Governorship? I will take my chances with those successes in MA; compared with the failures, lies and corrupt shenanigans, jobs leaving IL, highest poverty and crime levels in the nation Obama left us with in Chicago, IL. Now that is a choice that you must make based on facts, not based on slogans and lies.
Obama fans can not relate to anyone who is not as narcissistic as Obama. They can not believe that there are people like Romney who actually do not seek the limelight for themselves. Humility is a rare charactistic in the liberal mindset.
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A Few Thoughts on the Skewed Polls

IllinoisVoter Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 3:45 PM
Today it is being reported that voter registration in Ohio, New Hampshire, Florida and Colorado, for Democrats is down and it is up for Republican and Independent voters. This factor of less Democrats registering to vote should impact the election results along with the all important Independent voters.
Mitt Romney spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City today; giving his global foreign policy plan for initiating an economic plan of giving the poor of world nations an economic "hand up" with education, business investment and humanitarian aide. Romney also stressed that the U.S. needs to be a nation that leads the world in efforts of diplomacy regarding the middle east wars and not the nation that has been reacting to events as a foreign policy. There are many world leaders who do attend the Clinton Global Initiative.
Absolutely! I have never been polled; but if I was, I would respond with an undecided and let the media try to guess or make an assumption I leaned toward Obama. I also can not wait for election day and would love to see a landslide vote for Romney/Ryan and how the media try to explain it away. I do not believe the poll results; they do not reflect the real feelings of Amercians who are struggling economically; and now see our national security at risk with the world rioting against our embassies and teaching their children to hate the U.S. There are terrorists who have become emboldened to kill our diplomats who were not protected and Obama apologized to the Muslim nations.
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