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No, next up is the moon landing was staged on a Hollywood set. Getting real.
Downsize the company and move to Colorado. Pot and Hostess products would co-exist nicely.
The Bakesr Union, 30% of the Hostess work force said no to the offer. The Teamsters and others said yes. The Unions would have to take a pay cut, but would have received seats on the Board and a 25% stake in the company. Becky Quick interviewed the CEO on CNBC this morning. No BS, no union bashing. He actually praised the Teamsters. This is clearly a situation where unions could not unite and because of this and previous crappy management, union workers AND management workers all paid a steep price.
There's a name for listening to people when all evidence to the contrary suggests making up your own mind. It's called a Cubs Fan.
actually republic means we elect people to vote on our behalf. True democracy would mean we vote on everything.
NO predictions? So I can't follow thru on my "Harry Reid Proves Romney Never Paid Taxes" prediction?
I got Romney +2.5 on Nov 5th, so I'm still calculating who's my president. Going thru every state is pretty time consuming.
Alan West can now follow another great sport and buy Current TV
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