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"The Forgotten Collective Generation" Gets the Shaft

Illbay Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 9:32 PM
I'm 55. Not once, not a single second of my working life, did I EVER consider I would see one thin dime of the money I put into Social Security. Those of you idiots, even among so-called "Conservatives" who whine that "SS isn't an entitlement" ought to be b**ch-slapped senseless. SS was never intended to work. It was a "risky scheme" to end all "risky schemes," no thanks to Al Gore for the wording. And most of you were among those who screamed bloody murder when G. W. Bush tried to broach a solution to the mess that it had to become. Yeah, thanks for nothing, twits.

Regardless of how the so-called "fiscal cliff" ends, one thing is clear: The combined group of Americans whose age comprises either the last few years of the "baby boom," which is said to have ended in 1963, and most of the so-called "Generation X," which followed and ended in 1984, will collectively get the worst end of a deal that, as a whole, they do not want -- when and if ever Congress and the president quit playing their games of alternative threats and capitulation.

That particular "Forgotten Collective Generation" should be mad as hell -- particularly those between...