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We are paying for it and we must find a way to stop paying for it. A tax revolt is the only way. We must think about seriously figuring out a way the people can shake them up and threaten one. Sounds impossible but if we keep thinking that way we will never figure it out.
This is an insult to all Americans especially our vets. It is dangerous to have non citizens in a countries military. That is how enemies infiltrate. Where is the loyalty and patriotism for the country they are fighting for? It may or may not be there. Having foreigners in our military is a threat to the people because they have no emotional investment in the citizens because they know they are outsiders, pure and simple. The treason committed by this President is so blatant and is the media is complicit. I realize that he probably didn't start the foreign fighters but he is escalating every bad policy and instituting ever more to destroy American sovereignty for the global agenda. Notice Nancy Pelosi's speech at the border saying that we are all Americans They want North America designated as the Americas not the United States of America. Bush and Cheney worked for the same agenda. They want open borders lile the disaster that is the European Union. The weather this forth of July is appropriate. I do believe Obama and the Progressives Democrat and Republican have no idea how angry the populace is getting. November we have to send a strong message and take away the power. For those who must bring up race, Barack Obama is biracial and morally and spiritually he is worst example of each in my opinion which I will never give up my right to think and state.
not our Christian President. he only goes to bat for Muslims and terrorists Impeach this administration!!!
people should tell harvard and their skull and bones society to take a hike they are the institution that started all the re education of history teachers to undermine our country
Instead of gestapo like intimidation to kindergartners, how about a pledge that drills in the importance of keeping freedom by maintaining a civil society. This might be too simple for the powers that be or it might be exactly what they don't want kids to know Suggested pledge to said every morning by all kids every day in every grade throughout high school. "America is a great country because it is based on a Civil Society which allow freedom and equal protection under the law for everyone .For us to keep our freedom we must respect each person and the property that belongs to them no matter what. Period." dont like this one make a similar one kids have to be told and drilled home that individual freedom can only survive in countries where people are respectful of each other.
where is the picture of the accused?
people were coerced to try to sign up or face penalties. As long as you tried to sign up by the deadline you would possibly not face penalties, that is why they may have had a surge. Seriously, 7 million people out of over 300 million signed up to a program that is supposed to be mandatory and they are celebrating. What a farce!
Its ridiculous we don't have any say where they send our money. They have been redistributing money all over the world on us. We have to vote them all out!!
Alexis de tocquiville wrote in his book about America that one of the things he noticed about why America is so prosperous was that people went to primary school and then went to work. The only people who went to university were people who were going for something specialized. We need to get back to that. The left made college a cultural requirement to indoctrinate and instill their ideology (Liberal Arts). People need to know that work ethic and experience is respectable and college is not for everyone. Think of all the great titans who built America. They all worked from a young age and got their experience from work not college. Unless there is a specialized career, I say we change the culture so kids don't waste 4 years getting indoctrinated to liberalism without free speech and go into debt before their careers even begin.
ridiculous making a law for .oo1% of the population and make everyone else adhere to that they say government works for the people who show up. LGBT and transgender groups have been and we haven't
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