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Obama is the winner because the Republicans are weak and cowardly. They had this person on the ropes ready for a knock-out punch. But they gave in to exclude themselves from Obama care (John Boehner begged to be excluded and so did Harry Reid-the trash mouth. Obama will spend the US into oblivion. He must be thrown out of office by the brave American people.
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Terrorism Explodes Across Middle East

Ilene12 Wrote: Oct 19, 2013 11:52 AM
Obama has committed treasonous acts in Libya, Egypt, Syria and next will be Iran-enemy of all countries throughout the world; sponsor of greatest terrorism. The upheaval in the Middle East is due to jihadist Obama. He threw Mubaruk out of office to put in the Muslim Brotherhood (his kin); he killed Qaddifi, who was bad, but now Libya is much worse and our ambassador and 3 other brave people were killed. Next he was going to set foot in Syria, but Putin stopped him. Obama is trying to rearrange the chairs in Israel by pushing Israel into agreements for another group of terrorists-the Palestinians and Hamas. He has done more damage to the Middle East that Al Qaeda. And he has done the greatest harm to the greatest country in the world-USA. His spending is out of control (his vacations cost millions of dollars together with his lovely wife). He gives away freebies to get elected, like subsidies for his new health care law (will drive up the deficit even more), free food stamps, more welfare, more of his people on the government payroll. He is the worst person in the White House and will be forever be known as a person who made the Middle East crumble and brought the people of the US to its knees by his incessant spending. Ilene Richman
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