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Colorado Dem Governor Goes All "Bloomberg" After Recall Rebuke

ikonoclast Wrote: Sep 12, 2013 3:22 PM
Governor Hickenlooper knows full well that polls are not facts. Let me repeat: Polls are not facts! Polls can (and are) manipulated and structured to get the results you want ??? or that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants. A few nodding heads from his sycophants does not mean that The People agree with him. The Colorado background check was just an excuse to impose a $10 TAX on every gun sale. The magazine ban makes it illegal for me to offer to sell my 95 year old drum magazine for a Luger worth $1500 - even to someone out of state. This idiotic law even applies to antiques over 100 years old. Absolutely stupid. "arrogant politicians like Gov. Hickenlooper should not ignore their constituents". Well said. Throw the bum out!