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Stop Subsidizing Stadiums

Ike22 Wrote: May 21, 2012 3:40 PM
Local governments are the training grounds for people who go on to become state and national politicians. Cities and counties shouldn't spend taxpayer money on a lot of things: golf courses, parks, midnight basketball, tax breaks to entice businesses to open up there ... the local and state governments don't have any more legitimate authority than the federal government does; a lot of what is done by the local and state governments is without legitimacy, despite arguments that they can do pretty much what they please, because they're "sovereign" or because the state government is and passes the authority on to the local governments. Look up the law dictionary definitions of sovereign and you'll see what I'm referring to.
Kuwull Wrote: May 21, 2012 9:41 PM
It all depends what the city/county government franchise is. Most of the "crap" Jacksonville, Florida does is actually mandated by the City Charter.

Never trust politicians to negotiate with jocks; the jocks will win millions of taxpayer dollars and embarrass fans by losing games.

I didn’t always feel opposition to public stadiums; I enjoy attending live sporting events; I like wearing my NFL, NHL and MLB gear and rooting for my favorite teams. But I’m not buying the “Stadiums create jobs!” chant anymore. Here’s why:

1.) Caving To Jocks

Politicians care more about looking cool in front of jocks than representing their constituents. Case in point: The new Vikings Stadium.

Remember the old Metrodome with the roof that collapsed under snow last December? The...