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Of course that was the original intent. It was the quid pro quo that the Democrats gave to the political leaders of Black America in exchange for the uncritical votes of Black Americans. Why do you think that any genuine reduction in welfare is quickly attacked as "racism"?
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Arrest George Zimmerman

Ike22 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 3:27 PM
African-American parents can protect their sons by teaching them not to act and dress in ways which make a casual observer suspect that the son has the intention of committing a criminal act. When you dress like all the local hoodlums dress, move and talk like them, what can you expect than to be - at first look - considered a hoodlum looking to commit a crime. Teach them not to wander about in the back yards of other people's homes at night, particularly in a high-crime area. Teach them, most of all, not to start a fist fight with a person who has a gun. Teach them self-control, to speak something that resembles proper English, to not respond to a question they don't like with an attack. Empathy is fine but doesn't prove a crime.
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