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You know what happens when you heal before the wound is cleansed and dressed? It festers with infection. It can abscess and swell. If left untreated it can turn gengrenous and SPREAD! Now we know YOU WOULDN'T WANT THAT, right? Healing can only come from bright sunlight and closely examining the problem area. Only then can the marauding infection be stopped!
I agree. We really need to have election fraud participants pay the legal price, ORANGE JUMPSUITS AND ALL.
These comments seem awfully rascist! And how does this women get to speak for millions of people? Because she is ALL KNOWING, AND ALL SEEING! She is just one more genius who feels she must speak for others. She just KNOWS WHAT IS IN PEOPLE'S HEARTS! More Group Think. This is the perfect example of collectivism, or comminusm. Everybody must think the same as everyone else. And this woman puts forth her ideas in this manner. Who are we to not like SUCKING THE BRAINS OUT OF LITTLE BABIES. There has to be something wrong here!
No offense but the time line in Iraq had already been set by the previous administration. Obama was just following through!
Really, WHO? Who is TELLING YOU how to live? Who on the right is DICTATING THAT YOU live a certain way? WHO? As far as I can see I am being inundated with demands on my tax dollars coming from this administration! I have now been told what I WILL DO ABOUT HEALTHCARE because of this administration! Drones are flying overhead because of this administration! I now have to budget gas and electricity and food costs because of this administration! So, who is dictating to you?
Of course this is the case, it is a given. The Democrats have become more and more brazen about their desire to just TAKE WHAT THEY WANT! Do you really believe elections would get in their way? Not a chance. However, the more interesting question is, WHERE IS THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT? The Elitists of the party don't really seem to mind that 140% of some precincts were counted. Where is the Congressional oversight? Where are the hearings? They are worried about steroids in baseball, but the public's trust in the voting system, well, WHATEVER! It appears as though BOTH parties are quite happy with the results of 2012. The Status Quo is safe!
Did you know that the President has a KILL LIST? Did you know that he has assassinated an American citizen and his 16 year old son? Did you know that the President let an American Ambassador die in Libya? Did you know that the Obama/Holder gun running program, FAST AND FURIOUS, allowed 2 border agents to be shot and killed? Did you know the President wants the United Nations to have control of the Internet? Did you know the President wants the United Nations to control guns in the United States? Did you know that the Presdient is in favor of a global tax? Did you know the President wanted military men and women to pay for their own healthcare? Did you know that the President's healthcare bill will ration medical care? HEIL, OBAMA!
We know where the extra votes came from. Boxes in the corner, malfunctioning machines, lost absentee ballots, republican poll watchers thrown out of the polling station. And the easiest part is rigging the machines. John Fund has been talking about this for years already, and his cries fall on deaf ears. And as long as people don't talk about it the process will not change. The American electorate is being disenfranchised and by both parties. We see the corruption all day time in Washington, day after day,month after month, year after year. ARE WE REALLY TO BELIEVE THAT THE WASHINGTON ELITE DRAW THE LINE WITH ELECTIONS? Why do we have foreign voting software? IF VOTING IS OUTSOURCED, do you think they care about the jobs?
Where is Patrick Murphy? He should be front and center assuring his brand spanking new constituents that everything was on the up and up. He should be offering ALL VOTES BE RECOUNTED and THE MACHINES BE EXAMINED! What is the problem is everything is legitimate? This is your future Congressman St. Lucie, call Murphy and ask him to guarantee the integrity of the election!
This is so very easy to believe! We see corruption on a daily basis in Washingotn, do we really believe that these false do-gooders draw the line at elections? The Washington elite are used to getting what they want and have no reservations about using any means possible to accomplish this. And I believe both parties participate in this quest. In 2004 George Bush trailed John Kerry all night long, with the media even calling the race for Kerry. However, at the last minute, votes started to pour in for George Bush and at unprecedented levels. Enough votes, in fact, to Bush George Bush over the finish line. This is identical to Obama's win. Trailing Romney until the very end, and VOILA, millions of votes, ONLY FOR OBAMA!
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