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Environmentalists on Gore Selling Current TV to Al Jazeera: That’s Not Hypocritical at All

iGwtL1am Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 10:13 AM
I'm sure none of these people see any problem with President Obama and the fleet of aircraft used to protect Air Force One and carry the cargo for his frequent trips; even though they put out massive amounts of CO2. In addition to Air Force One on his trip to Mumbai, India there were several large cargo jets, and a small squadron of military planes offering protection, 40 aircraft in all. He was also protected by a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, which patrolled the sea lanes off the Mumbai coast. If the president were really serious about climate change he would eliminate most of his trips.

Despite freezing temperatures in Washington, DC on Sunday, thousands of climate activists gathered for the Forward on Climate Rally, urging President Obama to take a stand against climate change and reject the Keystone pipeline. MRC’s Dan Joseph joined them to find out what they thought about Al Gore selling Current TV to the oil-funded ‘news’ outlet, Al Jazeera. Oddly enough, they were either OK with it or were totally clueless about the deal. Based on some of the responses, however, there’s a good chance they A) have no idea Al Gore is supposed to be the face of clean...