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We pray these cheaper USA Charter Schools can all also afford feeding our 17 million hungry U.S. kids 2 free meals in school & 1 to carry home !
We pray these cheaper USA Charter Schools can all also afford feeding our 17 million hungry U.S. kids 2 free meals in school & 1 to carry home !
When these two good old Kentucky U.S. Senate Congressional boys have to play act an open Mic,ploy attempting to mislead (via future media release), American voters in hopes of gaining future political support, you know things have had hit the bottom of the barrel with the elite financed Republican think Tanks..
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Putin the Peacemaker?

IGotHungUpSilly Wrote: Oct 03, 2013 11:09 PM
We just got word through our Russian Comrade TMZ Association,President Vladimir Putin of Russia,has opened up the very first unlimited Inter+National Corp funded U.S. Super PAC for Russian political candidates wanting to run in the 2014 texas election for Governor !
In today's USA world of corrupt political slush monies, the Inter+National elite Corps are sending unlimited Corp$ to U.S. politicos Super Pacs run by their buddies! The real beauty of this feature is the IRS loophole enabling all of these politicos to legally keep this unlimited corp money! This obviously breaks current campaign finance laws that prohibit unlimited corp political$ going directly to U.S. candidates ! Go to You Tube & view how Colbert & Trevor Potter describe this election money facade currently being perpetrated on voting Americans.
Our Judeo~Chrisitan country wanting to provide proper Health Care to all our U.S. citizens,needs to be viewed 15 years from now as well as today ! We can no longer continue to offer our masses of Middle Class & poorer Americans 3rd world dental care or only emergency health~care at a cost of 10 times normal visits !
The elite$ controlling both aisles of the Leaders of the Free World U.S. Congress, can not afford to shut Uncle Sam down for very long if at all,it will cost themselves too much$
President Assad assured illinois Governor Quinn that Russia's President Vladimir Putin promised to give these crack troops international cover if things go astray in this mop up operation code named "keep them gassing" !
President Bashar Assad further stated his chemical handy troops would fly into Chicago accompanied by President Jimmy Carter and a tough group of United Nations observer troops ready to help monitor his shoot first ask questions later highly traine killer elite troops !
TMZ reported this evening Syria's President Bashar Assad has offered Illinois Governor Pat Quinn his countries help in fighting Gang~Terrorists in Chicago ! Bashar Assad told the Illinois State Legislature he was prepared at moments notice to secretly fly~drop his crack team of undercover chemical warfare specialists into Chicago's loop tomorrow evening if the need arose !
Former California Terminator Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar has just recently suggested to newly elected Governor Jerry Brown that CA should consider sending all of their tortured~ isolated prison inmates up to the town of Euthanasia Quebec Canada,instead of allowing them to simply die in CA by cruel self starvation !
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