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Democrats, Media Get Punk'd: Romney Releases Tax Returns

IgnoranceIsNotBliss Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 10:47 PM
You were dropped on your head as a child, weren't you? Immature losers with nothing of substance calls someone MITTens. I'll give you $1000 cash for you to show me ANYWHERE that Mitt Romney says he "hates" the 47%'ers. Or do you, because of being dropped on your head, routinely take things out of context?

It's official: The Romney campaign possesses a wicked sense of humor and an enviable degree of patience.  After months of caterwauling, breathless innuendo and baseless slander, the Democrats and their media allies are being treated to a Friday feast of piping hot crow.  The Romney campaign has released a detailed report of the the candidate's 2011 tax returns, as well as an extensive summary of the Romneys' taxes over the last two decades, prepared by analysts at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  What do these documents contain?  Brad Malt, the Romney family's trustee, summarizes the 2011 data: