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Taxpayer-Funded Science: Rats, Cocaine, and Miles Davis Edition

idontxst Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 7:43 PM
This is so sad....As Lies such like above do NOT get us anywhere. I am ALL for the welfare of ALL creatures. BUT....This IDA report is sadly nothing more than lies and the SENSATIONALIZATION of a few studies...we liberals love to hate on conservatives for being in the bubble (as Bill Maher says)...well this to OUR liberal bubble! :( IDA is ignoring FACTS: our life expectancy and quality has increased (+40yrs) because of research. So, that vs money we spent bombing to killing people in other countries. WHERE ARE our priorities?!! These lies get us nowhere. THINK, please!!! If more people (libs and conservs) THOUGHT for themselves instead of just going along with the taglines, maybe Washington/Wall Street wouldn't own us. maybe another yr..

Last year, scientists made a crucial discovery: yes, coked-out rats are more likely to appreciate the complexities of Miles Davis than are sober rats. I can almost hear Jack Kerouac's "Duh," from beyond the grave.

The study was intended to further research on ending drug dependency, but its findings seem...redundant. And who foot the bill for this most pressing of experiments? Why, you, of course!

Taxpayers may feel kind of blue when they discover their dollars went to fund a study to determine rats like to bop to the music of Miles Davis while hopped up...