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Uh, Obama? We Have a Problem: Interest Expense to Hit $1 Trillion in 4 Years

ideaminer Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 2:52 PM
If parents really cared they would at least be sending (if not taking) their children to church every week, if they aren't going to be providing religious/moral instruction at home. I am not a fan of union-controlled "public" (govt) schools (I would prefer a system of private schools, instead), but I also don't think a math teacher should be responsible for providing moral instruction, regardless of the school system. If religious instruction is important for some parents, they should send their children to a parochial school--and they should be able to keep the money (taxes) they need to do so. It's the right and responsibility of parents, not government, to determine the type of education they want for their children.

I hate to interrupt Obama’s “We Don’t Have a Spending Problem” World Tour. But reality intervened on Tuesday as the Congressional Budget Office released a report that says that the budget deficit will grow through 2023 and “will eventually require the government to raise taxes, reduce benefits and services, or undertake some combination of those two actions,” reports CBSNews- and all of that just to cover interest payments.

“In its annual Budget and Economic Outlook,” writes CBSNews, “the CBO said debt held by the public will be bigger by 2023 than in any year since...

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