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Slow Outlook for 2013

ideaminer Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 1:25 PM
Minimum wage went up again. Most vendor costs have gone up. Insurance up. Advertising up. Shoplifting is also up. Sales are down. I got an order of paper bags a few weeks ago: not only had the price gone up, but the quality had gone down; we have to be very careful about what we put in them because they tear so easily. My store needs new product and re-merchandising, the aspect of my business I used to love, but now dread. Four years of worrying over steadily shrinking margins have sapped my enthusiasm. Given the hours I work, I barely make minimum wage anymore. Luckily, I live alone. I recently heard that, given all the various benefits, the average welfare recipient "makes" over $50,000 a year--I feel like such a dope.
Once again the market begins the session under a cloud of doubt but not necessarily panic. Of course yesterday the same scenario saw an indifferent start morph into the wheels coming off early. But the market wasn't afraid, more so frustrated. There is also a dollop of angst always associated with earnings season. What makes this earning season even more compelling is the idea 2013 could actually see slower growth than last year and what that means for stocks. On the other hand Europe will not be worse and the rest of the world is regaining momentum.

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