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Three-Year-Olds Chant ‘Union Power’ After Reading New Children’s Book

IddiKlu Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 11:07 AM
Can you say brain washing? Hitler knew that this was necessary to solidify his power. The Hitler Youth was used for that very successfully.
everyonesfacts4usall Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 3:50 PM
Well, yes, but the same could be said of any text. This book does not come anywhere close to anything close to the Hitler Youth. It shows people standing up to government power - Zapatista - and people who are outcasts - LGBTQ and T. Perhaps you don't know how to make valid comparisons?

This might make you feel better about brainwashing:
Gazinya Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 3:56 PM
Does the book talk about the abuse of tabacco use or over weight people as being tormented by intorerant 'jungle baboons'?
FletchforFreedom Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 4:07 PM
Wow, so tell us again how we are supposed to take seriously a ridiculously biased progressive book (along with your favorable response to portraying armed thugs firing on police and civilians without provocation and engaging in massive property damage as "standing up to government power") and your reference as an alternative a PARODY written in 1898 to poke fun at English conservatives?
everyonesfacts4usall Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 4:34 PM
First FletchI don't think that book was meant as a parody.

The Zapatista movement is at war with their government. A one party government. They could be right and they could be wrong. Mexican police can be armed thugs too.
Any history of Mexico in the Chiapas region will show you that force had been used by the state.
FletchforFreedom Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 4:41 PM
If you cannot grasp that the book was a parody, then I apologize for inadvertantly assessing your intelligence too highly. And, yes, Mexican police can be armed thugs too but the only relevant point that is historically indisputable is that the Zapatistas INITIATED the violence.
everyonesfacts4usall Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 12:56 PM
No, it is not a parody. Research the author:

The history of violence in Chiapas does not begin with the Zapatistas. It is a new chapter.
FletchforFreedom Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 12:51 PM
Fire your incomopetent, idiotic and imbecilic fact checker.

There's good reason why Wikipedia must NEVER be used as primary source - because it is so often wrong (though not nearly to the extent you are). And while there was violence in the southern part of Chiapas due to skirmishes with Guatamalans, the violence in Chiapas related to the Zapatistas was STARTED by them and ONLY by them. Your "new chapter" BS is pure unadukterated ignorance.

Is your three-year-old preschooler chanting ‘union power’ these days? She might, if author Innosanto Nagara has his way.

Nagara wrote A is for Activist, a book supposedly geared for the children of the “99 percent.” In other words, a new vehicle has been developed for leftists to begin indoctrinating children.

“It’s pretty awesome to hear a three-year-old saying ‘union power,’” Nagara said in a YES! magazine interview.

But union power and student activism aren’t the only goals. Consider these other letters and how they are applied in the book:

B is for banner, as in a protest banner hanging off...