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The Tyranny of Solutions

IddiKlu Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 10:42 AM
1st and second page are the same. Waste of time. Just because someone works for the government (local or Fed) doesn't make him smart. In addition many have a god complex because they feel empowered by being part of the establishment and carry deadly force on their person. MANY gun related deaths are due to police suing their guns, and very few are ever held responsible for their irrational use of their weapon. Like shooting an unarmed civilian with 51 rounds (L.A.) And by the way, they would NOT be disarmed by any of the knee-jerk reaction laws 'they' want to put on the books now.

Sinclair Lewis was so 20th Century.

Progressives have effectively burnt the cross and the flag already. Thus, old-style patriotism and religiosity can’t even win elections in heartland states- just ask Senators Akin and Mourdoch.

No, that’s not where the threat festers. When tyranny comes to America, it will be advanced by earnest public officials, enforcing intrusive rules declared necessary to stamp out social problems and purify us of bad consumer choices. The oppression generally will be applauded by elites and educated people. Whether or not it prevails and becomes the new normal...