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What the Meaning of 'Infringe' Is

Idahoser Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 11:18 AM
they understand as they always have that the Constitution does not permit what they're doing/have done. They believe they have reached the tipping point where they no longer need to pretend to care what the Constitution says, and they appear to be correct, as far as passing the unconstitutional laws they have long wanted. Whether they can keep control under these circumstances, remains to be seen, but the odds are definitely in their favor. RIP America.

And now boys and girls, it's time for "Fun with Words!" Today's featured contestants are Vice President Joe Biden and a man whose television ratings are so bad it's a wonder he still has a job, Piers Morgan.

Perhaps it’s because he was disgraced in scandal--in his beloved England--getting caught publishing fake photographs of British troops committing fake atrocities in Iraq. But whatever reason, American television viewers consistently overlook him when choosing prime time viewing.

Vice President Biden used a lot of interesting expressions this past week. He kept reiterating that the President, for example, will utilize the...

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