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McGovern & Goldwater: Losers or Winners?

Idahoser Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 5:48 PM
"After 1964, the liberal establishment never again imposed a nominee on the GOP. " um, what would you call Bob Dole? Rudy McRombee? Rudy McRombee again? Oh, I suppose you could blame McClown on the democrats, but Romney is certainly GOP.
Texas Chris Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 1:05 PM
Wow, you beat me to it!

GHW Bush, Dole, McCain, Romney.

(I leave out GW Bush simply because of his free-market, "humble foreign policy" rhetoric in 2000)
Early in Ronald Reagan's second term, Bill Rusher, the publisher of National Review, was interviewing the president in the Oval Office for a documentary on the conservative movement.

Rusher asked how he would describe Barry Goldwater's role.

Reagan thought a moment and replied: I guess you would have to call him the John the Baptist of our movement.

I resisted the impulse to lean in and ask, "Sir, if Barry Goldwater was John the Baptist, who would that make you?"

The death of George McGovern brought back thoughts of these two men who suffered two of the greatest defeats in presidential...