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My children both serve proudly in the United States Navy. As far as they are concerned all this trash is just a distraction from trying to do their jobs. If they can have a Gay Pride Parade can I take the day off work and go to the Heterosesxual Pride Parade? Remember, these people say they want to be treated just like everybody else. Right.
I don't live in California anymore, but I am a fifth generation Californian. Really there are two Californias, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area are one, and the rest of the state is the other. My Dad lives up in the Sierra foothills in a small community that would be at home in Idaho or Montana, but they haave to try to help support the rest of the idiots. Also, I design Locomotives for a living, so even though this is a stupid project i'm happy to see it go through, for selfish reasons. Guess i'm a hypocrit. Hope you enjoyed your short vacation Katie.
Might take another look at this one Katie. Looks like the first highlighted Quote is from another story.
If I remeber correctly from Miss Pavlich's book, Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador was the first memeber of Congress to ask Holder to resign.
Miss Katie Pavlich is wise beyong her years. She comes across very well in a trying situation. It's young people like her that need to be our future, not these Occupy Hippy idiots. This is another example of how Government is different than business. If a plane crashes do to a shoddy design, the head Engineer at Boeing is responsible and he gets fired. End of story.
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