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I do believe it's the tactics being used today that are what some people see a resemblance in. Probably a more correct term should be what happening in the present administration show strong similarities to those of the Nazi regime.
Maybe folks will start seeing this is doing exactly what it was meant to do.... Move the entire nation into a single payer system. Which those setting on Capitol Hill will be exempt from of course.
Loving it JR, keep the fires stoked.
This whole program, from its' inception has been about controlling the people and the money it would generate for government coffers. If the Government was really as concerned about the lack of health care for some citizens all they had to do was revamp the Medicaid program. They, the government had to find a way of digging deeper into the pockets of the middle class, which everyone knows the Democrats love doing. They have to stop serfdom from becoming to affluent. Strip them of all income except for what is needed to keep them out of a soup line.
*** They are about to become 'free agents' in the economy. *** SAY WHAT!!! Is the the new politically correct term for someone whose become “terminally unemployed” with no hope of finding work that will let them support themselves and possibly a family? You have to wonder where these scum bags come up with some of this stuff.
It's all about 'showing their constituents the money'. As long as he is successful in directing the flow of 'pork' into the state they'll keep voting for him no matter what he does to the rest of the country. That my friend it the basic attitude of most of the voters have today, "I got mine you worry about yours"?
This allows him to remain true to color, that meaning this is what true life long socialist do. You never use your own resources when you have the chance to deplete the resources of those around you.
John your comment "Say what you want about George W. Bush, but people had jobs under Bush" really isn't correct because things started falling apart just before the 'Lil' Wanna be General' left office. Things were getting ready for a fast downhill slide and the GOP wanted out. Why do you suppose they put together the duo of McCain and Palin? Who was going to put their confidence in a doting old war monger whose only claim to fame was that he was once a POW and some no name pulled off the Alaskan Tundra for his running mate? No, the GOP knew what was getting ready to happen and they didn't want a hand in it any longer. That is when the powers controlling those setting on Capitol Hill knew they had a good chance of slipping someone of color into the Oval Office. Making history and at the same time putting someone in the seat they would have better control over.
Don't try to reason with this radical. It will only confuse him/her more than they are now.
I believe someone has screwed up because the comment section has nothing to do with this article, Forget the myRA.
Everyone knows Lil' Bush was an idiot and held the distinction of being one of the worst if not the worst President until BHO hit the stage. What you should be ranting and raving about is the government as a whole. The big show they put on for the public is nothing but a joking matter to them as they mingle with each other behind close doors and plan the next act for duping the American public. Wake up! Both parties are controlled by entities that hide in the shadows. .
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