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Where has this turkey been? The D's have been against the second amendment since their existence. They are big supporters of socialism and totalitarian rule. Total control of the minds of the people, a rich and poor society no middle class. Just remember, there are always consequences in choices. One can only hope the 51% that voted for what we have today back in 2012 are finally realizing this. We can partially put the breaks to this terror that's running rampant on Capitol Hill this November. Greatly slow down Obama's quest of social jihad against this nation.
Didn't Zuckerberg renounced his United States citizenship just days before an IPO that made him rich, declared himself a citizen of Switzerland. But after a while came crawling back wanting back in the fold. Didn't anyone notice how quiet his return was, no news about it, but all of a sudden he's back in the land of the free. Just what do you think that cost him? And I don't just mean money. He had to sell part his soul to someone.
Doesn't this make you really appreciate the great job they're doing on Capitol Hill?
They can not hope to repeal this crippling health care plan while the likes of Reid, Pelosi and McConnell have support in the Senate. My suggestion to them is stop wasting your time and our money until your in a position to actually accomplish something. Your making your selves look like blithering idiots. Of course if this is your goal then your doing one hell of a bank up job! From an independent that's really not impressed with your plan of attack!
This individual has replaced all scum that floated to the surface of the pond in DC. I truly hope those that love him erect a statue some where so the pigeons flock to it. Hopefully one with him looking skyward with if big mouth open.
Socialist to the bone. With Obama care running the nations health care in the ground and this communist minded pig as our SG we'll really go down the shut. This is all part of the social jihad movement Obama and his ilk master minding. Slowly infiltrating our government with anti American scum like this.
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The Appeaser Re-appeases

Icthelite Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 2:31 PM
Good job John. This one's a real nail driver! Damn good article! Thanks.
Isn't this what has happened to the RINO's? They've been turned into eunuchs so they no longer are a threat to the leftist?
I wonder what's going to happen when the work force of this nation, those still lucky enough to be paying taxes, is no longer large enough to continue supporting these hand out programs? What will the ruling administration use to feed and care for the masses? It's coming. Probably sooner than most have thought it would.
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Obama Must Go

Icthelite Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 9:34 AM
John instead of telling us what the 'problem' is why don't you take a bold step away from all the others, that do the same thing, and tell us what the solution to our problem is? Oh, and please don't say it's by getting out and voting. Many people I talk to in my community laugh at that suggestion because voting has just become a feel good process so the citizenry will think they actually are having a say. Some, if not most, feel as I do that the voting process isn't necessarily rigged, but controlled, though their might not be that much difference between the two. Been that way ever since Lil' Bush was elected to a second term. Probably before that but that's when it became noticeable. No, we need solutions, but I fear that once those are laid out the people will not have the fortitude needed to carry them out. Short of razing D.C. and starting from scratch I don't see anyway of stopping the train wreck. There is to much diversification in our population. An article I read in NPR sometime back kind of hit the nail on the head when it said forget the 50 states, the US is really 11 nations and that the United States are not very united anymore.
Am I the only one that can't make any sence of this comment?
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