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Hasn't the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee already conducted an investigation? I'll bet this is just another attempt to make the voters think something is actually being done. This is going to drug out until Obama is booted out the back door of the WH. That will happen right after he signs an Ex Order granting immunity to himself and everyone that served under or around him while he was the POTUS
Single payer health insurance has been an agenda of the Democratic Party ever since the Clinton's tried getting it through on his watch. It failed because it was to radical, so the Dem's had to come up with an end around play to achieve their goal and waited patiently until they had the power to shove it down the throats of all America. Now we can get it repealed after midterms if the House remains as is and the Senate is purified of the destructive force that's been at work there.
You may think you are saving money but the statement you make about being pleasantly surprised tells me you haven't done much research or reading on the 'entire program'. Wait until you go to use it and then get back to us. Those deductibles will open your eyes a little wider, as well as you wallet.
This Porker has been in office since 1991! For 23 years he's been sucking money from the tax payers. Like I said, let's compare his net worth from the time he enter office in '91 to what it is today! If he was really a servant of his constituency he probably would only be worth slightly more, but we all know how the program works for these high paid social servants on the dole.
I think our politicians should be paid on a scale equal to that they pay our military members on active duty and other government employees. Also they should have the same benefits as those who have given much for this country and should have to participate in the same medical programs our service personnel are left with. Bet you'd see big, big changes in the VA hospital system over night. You'd probably see them exiting their plushy jobs on the hill a lot soon than they do also.
It would be interesting at this point for someone to tell the public what this pork lover was worth before becoming a politician and what the worth to date. With all the insider trading tips they get while exempting themselves from the same punishment the average Joe on the street faces if he used them and the kick backs and under the table deals from lobbyist and the deep pockets that put them in office Moran and many like him should be standing before a federal judge that's reading the many years he should be in the slammer for his actions. Under paid my A$$! Being in politics today is like having a job with the US Treasury getting paid minimum wage with options of being able to keep all you can stuff in your pockets at the end of your daily shift.
Time for the vigilantes to start administering justice. Our government is know longer interested in doing it. Their to busy trying to find more ways in which to nullify our constitution.
You have to remember.'ALL' politicians are alike. The partisan front they display for their constituents to see is just that, a big front. At the end of they day they all meet at their club house smoke the cigars, drink the liquor that our tax dollars buys for them while laughing their soft a**es of at the gullibility of the voting public. The majority of the masses in this country truly are very ignorant when it comes to the governing of the "land of the free".
I bet it infuriated Obama to no end when Putin refused to give him his way. I guess he thought everyone he deals with is as weak as our Congress and would tuck tail and roll belly up at his command. The EU has enough power to stand up for them selves. Our politicians have no business sticking their noses into the Russia/Ukraine affair. I really think Obama, the RINO's and the D's would like to get us involved in another no win ten year skirmish. You know the Bush's and Chaney would love it. What's that sound they love so? Caaaa Chingggg.
Where has this turkey been? The D's have been against the second amendment since their existence. They are big supporters of socialism and totalitarian rule. Total control of the minds of the people, a rich and poor society no middle class. Just remember, there are always consequences in choices. One can only hope the 51% that voted for what we have today back in 2012 are finally realizing this. We can partially put the breaks to this terror that's running rampant on Capitol Hill this November. Greatly slow down Obama's quest of social jihad against this nation.
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