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Challenge to the House GOP: Kill the Medical Device Tax, Now

Icthelite Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 8:37 AM
Boy you'll get a big AMEN from me on this suggestion. If the PPACA plan had been printed up and Congress had taken the time to read it they would have never voted it through.

Of all the many awful features of the Affordable Care Act --"Obamacare"-- the medical device tax ("MDT") is the most obviously ruinous of a particular sector of the economy.

More than 8,000 firms in the United States are at work on such devices, from artificial hearts to sight-saving eye technologies to low tech bandages and surgical screws. More than a half million people work directly in this sector, in great jobs that value engineering and other high-skills sets and which produce annually thousands and thousands of patents that lead to worldwide innovation in health care and in cost savings in the...