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Generation Pap

Ice9 Wrote: May 19, 2012 11:00 PM
A curious sentiment from a man whose accomplishments give nepotism a bad name. Write something intelligent--or a lot of things merely intelligible--before you offer advice. PS--Roger--the imbecile using 'hyperbole' was Goldberg, not Biden. Biden knows the meaning of hyperbole full well--Jonah is certainly correct about that. It might be useful to point out that hyperbole is exaggeration for effect, and does not cover 'lying.' Vote for those who tell the truth--give that a try. ice9

This is the season of generational twaddle. At graduation ceremonies across the country, politicians, authors, actors and businessmen take to the stage to tell young people they are fantastic simply because they are young. This year, the ritual is more pathetic than usual because there's a presidential election in the offing. And because the current occupant of the White House won in 2008 in no small part due to his success with the "youth vote," he is desperate for them to repeat their blunder.

At the all-women's school Barnard College, President Obama spoke to the audience as if they were an...