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Piers Morgan wouldn't know an assault weapon from paper clip. Put an umbrella in the hands of a homicidal maniac and it is an assault weapon. Ever been assaulted with a basket of tomatos? They may not kill ya but they can hurt, What this pompous alcaholic needs to do is get himself the hell out of the USA before somebody does some "facial reconstruction" that he won't like.
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Oh My: The Brutal Post-Debate Focus Group

icarus Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 2:31 PM
Woden, go sit with Denis. You two morons deserve each other. And by the way, Denis, its kinda dumb to pretend (or actually be) French. Look at France today and what pitiful shape they're in. America and Great Brittian saved their froggy abehinds in WWII, and then ungrateful Gauls went commie.
There is "Class, Low-class, and No-class". Everyone knows where Biggs belongs. Nuff said.
10.000 commedians out of work (due to Obama's incompetance) AND YOU'RE TRYING TO BE ONE, and failing miserably. Can't believe you're that ignorant.
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Obama Makes No Hard Choices

icarus Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 10:59 AM
Well DaleHogue, its obvious to everyone with common sense who reads your post, that you are an ignorant person with little, or no, education, who was the victim of bad schools or was just too stupid to grasp what was being taught. You need to either go to a good school and get re-educated, or cease and desist from posting anything. Your silly comments don't "pass muster".
Hey Chris. Jet fuel is more like kerosine than gasoline. Jet fuel won't burn in automobile engines very long---it'll ruin em. So it wouldn't do much good to outlaw gasoline. Better rethink your "solution".
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