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Given for the SLAVES
It's an amendment! IDIOT
As a Mexican descendant I can't believe I'm going to say THIS "One good thing Obama has done and that's with all the restrictions on INS!" Of course, he's actually done NADA! He IS the "DO NOTHING POTUS". Anyways, my parents came thru the process and people who break the law and do otherwise should appreciate the "rule of law" that makes USA society function fairly. Bypassing the law undermines and weakens us as a nation. Then we become "indentured servants"...we are slowly moving in that direction, and you call on OBAMA to serve "ILLEGALS" rather than the CITIZENS of this nation. Go back to where you came from and take the rest of the RAZA with you, leave our NATION alone....B4 u destroy US
"Oh, what a tangled WEB we weave!" Gettin caught in ur own web along with those who plot & plan seems JUST
When the "coldwar" ended, I told my husband "it's not over, satan will retreat & come back stronger & more resolved..PUTIN never left". For those who "think" otherwise, OPEN your "eyes"
This 6%, are they ALL subsidized? Without a POLL I'm almost 99.9 sure of it!!
Magic J; clearly you don't attend a church that teaches Godly principals. MEN are obligated to WORK and be Head of Households. Now if they would keep themselves in check and seek to be INDEPENDENT of govt and realize "...that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..." They would understand that these are SELF driving not govt SUPPLIED! In abiding in these principals children would be "BORN" not aborted and would grow up to be law-abiding citizens, with same opportunities. With Obama at the helm, dependency on govt returns "WE the people" back to slavery. Nice thought huh?!
Their "bottom line" dictates their MORAL standing? "THEY have many gay employees.." Really? What's the ratio to those not? Clearly the majority IS silenced by the "FEW" who bring corruption to every facet of life.
LOOK AT ME!!! Thx for showing his best side! His back leaving IS what I can't wait to see
Sure dont want to be HAIRY, when the schidt hit the face!
Tax day IS Coming, according to Holder don't ENFORCE laws you don't AGREE with. Does that mean "I" don't like the way YOU spend my TAX$$, so I don't have to pay for "losers" to stay home & collect MY $? I'm GOOD with THAT!!
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